Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ROME....If you want to!!!

Where to Begin?

Aww...Great People!

We're in the last leg of our journey, Rome Italy!

This post is lots o' pics...BEWARE!! Dontcha love it? ;)


I believe this Palentine Hill.
                                                    Elizabeth and Mary Ann
Love the floral flag of Italy!
So I have to play catch up here, I stopped writing in my journal up to this point. So here goes. We arrived in Italy via Easyjet..ahem or Ghetto Jet from Germany. My luggage barely made the weight limit. By now, some of my fellow travelers that brought little suitcases were now purchasing extra luggage. Italy was so freaking hot! No joke, it was Vegas weather, I thought I might get to escape, but sadly, no. But oh, did I love the atmosphere of Italy. I was so excited to go here, I can't even tell you. Our hostel that we stayed in  was like a home, and we had a personal maid almost, but her job was to keep the fridge stocked with our breakfast items, it was so nice to have that. I must say, even though I was in Rome, I couldn't help but think of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. We had a huge balcony that overlooked the streets, it was great.  We were for sure tired, and by the time I had gotten to Italy..my clothes...oh my clothes. Gah..Yuck..Grosso! When I was in Berlin, we went to the laundromat, and I was one of the last to get to the laundromat. And the earlier groups were beginning to leave, and I was afraid I was going to be left behind and therefore get lost, so I took semi-dryed clothes back with me. It was a mile or so back to our ghetto hostel above the bar. Anyway, I had thought they would dry, but they didn't..and they started to smell like mold.  But thankfully I packed more clothes in my suitcase  ; ). Be prepared, LOL. I have so many pics, I think there will be many posts to come.

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