Saturday, October 20, 2012

Paris- Aug. 11th Continued...Reboot.

This is a reboot of my last post. Too many things I've added. Merci!

After spending the afternoon at the Eiffel was time to make our way back.
Some sights along the way...
Which leads me to another famous landmark we hit.
The REAL Moulin Rouge!! :)
A little scandalous..but we had to stop!! I mean, we were in PARIS!!
More to come...

Here's a little clip of MaryAnn adding some virtue to the Moulin Rouge
This is where she stuck it. The Moulin Rouge is actually a supper club/cabaret.
But you know...I couldn't  resist.
Then..after our escapade to the Moulin Rouge. We stopped at a French Bakery..and then got on the last bus. It wouldn't be a trip for me to have an I'M LOST!!! Moment right? :)

We thought we were heading to our landmark, Gard du Nord. But, alas...we're not.
However when we went into yet another french grocery store for water...I did find fry sauce..ahem, American Sauce.
Which Way Do We Go?!...Follow the Light- From StarChild. ;)
But we got here...Hooray!
We capped off our day in Paris with a french meal..

We managed to order from the french menu..sort of. But we did well.
 Truly my best day. So Far...

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