Friday, October 21, 2011

I hope you step on a Lego.

I discovered this picture on a site called Pinterest. I just love that site. And this week, I totally love this pic. I've felt like saying this phrase this week. Only if I could! One of the cool things  I love about blogging, I can say anything I want, within reason. So...let me tell you about my week. One of things I love about my profession of nursing, I know that I make a difference to someone everyday. It really is rewarding. However. I felt like on Monday I was pushed under the bus, so to speak. My charge rn that night, who was filling in for a sick coworker..she makes the assignments in blocks. And, she knew the first thing coming on shift..first we had no rooms availabe. Well, we are under construction..and we were full! That just doesn't happen for a monday. Weird. I don't think it was a full moon? Oh well. So she had direction that the two NICU mom's should be moved to another floor, to anticipate the mom's that were currently we would have rooms. So when she made the assignment, guess who had the two fresh c/s mom's that needed to be transferred? Me. I actually had 3 fresh surgeries. So, through the course of the night..I had to make four phone calls to different doctors, call the floor and make arrangements to move these people and not to mention...making sure all my patient's are happy and well. I just ran, ran ran...what's the phrase? Keep Calm and Carry On. That was my mantra for this evening. There was nothing I could do...I just went along with whatever came my way. 

I had heard from one of my coworkers, who is Korean...This is the worst day ever! And it felt that way at first for me. I was thinking...this is not fair. But who am I to speak up? I really wish I could get nasty and stand up sometimes. Sometimes I have done it, with repercussions. But I didn't want to get in trouble of course, and I was only halfway done with my shift. I got both of the NICU mothers transferred before midnight..and when I got back, having gotten rid of two patients..that made it convienent for me of course to pick up a brand new c-section right? The charge's response was oh...I'm sorry, but I have a section too. And I just looked at her and with a question in my voice said REALLY? But again what could I do? I was just praying I could get through this night..and I had a funeral to attend that morning. When I got the assignment..the patient was already in the room, and the labor and delivery nurse, see's the look on my face and says "What?" I had her for two hours. And i'm thinking, you could AT LEAST gave me fifteen minutes to compose myself. I thought this was pure utterly just CRAP!!

There is a silver lining to this story. The patient's that I had were so understanding, and I heard about their problems with dayshift, and I tried to listen and understand. I was just fine with them. I turned a bad situation or horrible situation and I tried to make it as positive as I could. I got compliments that night. And it made me feel like I did make a difference. On a day, where so many things were thrown my way, things that weren't fair in my eyes and I was able to have an ok day. At the end of this day, the other two nurses, who never got a new admit or have nearly the problems that I did. Gave their happy report and skipped out. Meanwhile once they left....I said OK. This is what really happened. Everyone could see that it was so completly unfair.

But as I reviewed this week, I've realised within myself that I AM a good nurse. I CAN handle what is thrown my way. I don't always believe in karma, but the nurses that happpily skipped out of there..had some problems the following wasn't all sunshine. This is a reminder to me :  You Can Do Anything!! You took a impossibly bad situation, and turned it around. Rejoice and Be Proud!! :)

That is all. As for the title of this post...well that goes out to my charge.  ;)

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