Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old School Mishmash!!

Goofin off in the car.....

And again......

Service project, I must talk abt this!

Yay trash!

The gang at Bishop Coon's Ranch

These two are hams! :)

Start of a beautiful friendship!!

Joeleene and Melissa

I can't wait to see Andrea's future out!
(She gets married in February!! :D)

Fireworks!! :)
Elise, Holly, Donnalyn and Christene!

Oh April! :P

Crystal and Teizi...graduation day from CSN!

August 2009 we had Young Single Adult Conference at Bishop Coon's ranch. He owns Anderson Dairy. We started off the morning doing a service project. It was hilarious. We were led to believe that we were going to a park that was underneath the US 95 at Bonanaza. Little did we know...we were walking into a service project in the hood!! ;) We picked up trash, some painted curbs...we did have a fun time! I remember we were wiped out...and jumped in the pool. Later that afternoon we went to the Coon's ranch which was not too far from Glendale. It was outside and so nice. Some of the things I remember...and I can't believe that I do. Andrea standing in line with me...looking at someone that was in a electric scooter...she says"you remember that commercial 'Now I can see the world?' you know, the old lady on the scooter at the Grand Canyon? What if the scooter shorted out? " And I am just laughing so hard, it was terrible. But I was. We had such a blast! They did a video competion. The one that won will, be on my next post. The song is so good, Ms Brown and Baby J from the Willow Springs Ward. :) And lastly, another fun part of the story. After it was over, we were super thirsty. So I drive to Logandale..which is super dark. I go down a hill, and then I get pulled over for going too slow. Only because I couldn't see. The police officer, thought I was drunk. Much to my dismay when Lilly replies "She's not drunk....she's mormon!" I duck my head. Hahahaha!!

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