Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 2007...Homeade Highlites with Judy, a little book called Twilight..and a trip with Grandma :) not all in order

Judy Steed....I love this lady!! :)
Yep..homeade hilites, what do you do? ;)

Me and Grandma...love her!!

I love love love this pic I took!

Snow in cedar!! We weren't ready for snow, not at all.

A detour before my trip...to the darkside!

Twilight?! Really? Yeah. I'm writing a blog entry...about Twilight..and other things, and I'll share why. Since this is my blog and I share things abt my life, well..this was a big part, LOL. I graduated from Nursing School in 2006. I used to love to read. But as any nursing student will tell, you don't want to pick up another book after you graduated nursing school, its true! Discovering Twilight, was funny. I had heard about it a little bit after Mom died. Like I said before, I was in a fog. Christmas of 2007, My Grandma and me took a really quick trip to Salt Lake to see the lights on Temple Square. The night before, I had a gift card to Target that was burning a hole in my pocket. So I decided to load up on goodies for the trip. And I paused at the book section. Sitting front and center was a stack of Twilight paperbacks. I had always told people, yeah maybe I'll read one day. Its just I'm not into vampires. Then I went home. I started reading...and reading... I was ashamed to admit, I was so enthralled with the book. I managed to keep the book at home while I went on vacation. But, I quickly finished..eating was even a chore, LOL. I couldn't believe how quicklly I resumed my love of reading again! It awakened me, it was something that me and my friends, coworkers...and even perfect strangers talked about. .

Someone I wish that I got a picture of or an event was of me and my friend Judy Steed. I loved Judy so much. I wrote an earlier post about laughing, I do admit...it started at her house. Judy had offered to help me to do homeade highlights, not necesarily homeade, but out of the box and at home. Judy was such a popular person. I got there and she continually got phone calls from both of her daughters...and her son...and Saundra came by. Meanwhile, I am sitting there at her kitchen table with a cap with holes on my head. She continues to pluck strands of my hair while all of the commotion is going on. We started at 11...it was now coming up 5 pm. And we weren't done!! And I said to her..umm Judy? I need to go the Nativity. I'll just wear one of my Mom's hats. And I did. I don't usually wear hats because they usually don't fit my big head. But my moms did..and it was cute. So I come home, I look like I have dreadlocks..and I have a hat over my head. Me and Judy would finish tomorrow. My neighbors are just outside standing around and chitchatting. They say hi...and look at my hat. What a cute hat Cindy, I 've never seen you in a hat. I whip off my hat..and say wanna see why? :) I laugh now thinking about it.

Lastly, the trip was so quick. And fun. And cold. We hit a blizzard in Springville all the way to Salt Lake. I turned on my GPS on my cell phone to get us there. I'm driving along, can't see..and Gabby (I named my GPS) told me to turn this way and that. I got to downtown but barely. I couldn't even see the buildingsor street signs. And Gabby told me I arrived at my Destination...where, where?! LOL. I had my lovely birki's with me, I wasn't very prepared, and on top of that trying to push a wheelchair through snow. Yeah, it was hilarious. :)

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