Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lets Make a Deal....and Goodbye Willow Springs, hello Palmhurst!

For Lilly's birthday, which was Jan 28th, she wanted to go on the game show...Lets Make a Deal with Wayne Brady. So much fun. Lilly dressed up as Snow White. The rest of us decided to be the seven reject dwarfs. We had more fun coming up with the names..I laughed so hard till i couldn't laugh no more! Frumpy, Dumpy, Wheezy Sleazy...and Cheezy. Who all went were Allison, Andrea, Melissa, Theresa and myself. I never had been on a game show before. The interview process was entertaining. And the theatre is so much smaller than it is on tv, and let me tell you, that Wayne Brady?? Tiny, yup I said it. Very skinny. The taping was long, and we were tired. But we had fun, and no one from our group got picked however, Andrea almost did. Little disheartening to sit right next to the grand prize winner right? January I moved back into the Palmhurst Ward, and left the YSA ward. Its been a difficult change but its good. I have a new calling I'm the Humanitarian Specialist and am involved with Stake Womens Conference in May. I'm super excited, but i do have to say I had my reservations about the calling, seeing that I can barely sew or be crafty. But I'm always willing to learn. So the transition has been good, I think. I even went to the Single Adult Conference in May, I had a great time. It did bother me to see sixty yr olds there, but i decided that it was a learning opportunity and to stick it out. I'm so shy anyway...but it was really nice. I went to see Phantom of the Opera with my cousin Victoria and my Grandma, that was fantastic! And now, in less than 3 days I will be off to BYU for Womens Conference and to Bountiful for my cousins wedding. I am so excited!! I would love to post some pics sometime, and as soon as i can figure this out, I will be sure to. All for now!


  1. Single Adult conference was Valentines Weekend. Whoops!

  2. So, which dwarf were you -- Cheezy? We're lucky to have you in our ward! Hope you like it.

    Have fun at Women's conference!