Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catchin' Up

So its early Saturday morning and I can't sleep, not surprised. So I am going to catch myself up on what happened from Jan till now. I'm still frustrated with the blogging thing, but i'm going to try to stick with it, for now. Ok..there is a very funny story that I forgot to share that started on New Years Eve. This is more for me, but if anybody out here reads it and gets a chuckle, well then i'm glad. It started Christmas night. I had to work on Christmas Eve so I didn't really want to cook or do much of anything, so my grandma and I went out to dinner, earlier that afternoon I spent the afternoon with my roomates family and had a nice time. We went to this restaurant called The Black Pepper Grill, formerly our favorite White Chocolate Grill. Anyways, meal started off was that the meal we had ordered wasn't the meal we wanted, i.e prime rib and got prime rib sandwich instead. By this time its after 8pm, so I was willing to keep it..i was getting hungry and didn't want to waste food. So...they bring our sandwiches out, can we say moooo?! Bloody red, and I'm a postpartum nurse, and i was a bit nauseous. So then we can't flag our waiter, and the restaurant isn't busy, they are all a bunch of nicely dressed people standing around. Then, i decide to get up and go up to one of the standers by, and say you know, I didn't even order this but decided to take it..could you at least cook it? So, they take it back..and it was fine after that. But then, all the waiters and mgr were standing around our table? I guess I caused a commotion? By the end of the meal, instead of maybe giving us a discount on our meal, they present me with a bottle of Lemon Ciello!! Now, i'm a nice mormon girl who doesn't drink, but I had heard of this only because of Danny DeVito sputtering abt it on The View. Our dinner was a bit pricey and as my grandma and I walked out...I was like dang..we should of kept the bottle and sold it!! ;) Next I wanted to go to the movies, and we decided to go to a drive in. I haven't been to one since i was 3, to see Blind Side (which was excellent btw!) Anyway, our screen was broke for almost an hr, and we were cold...but we stuck it out, they gave us free tickets and i decided to drive around and it started, so that was a bonus! New Years eve i found a perfect spot to park behind the strip and we saw the fabulous fireworks display!

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