Sunday, March 30, 2014


March has zoomed by!! I've been getting my resume ready and sending applications out.! So scary! Last time I actually filled out an app was in 1999!! Crazy Crazy!! Filled with a lot of incertainty, fear, anxiety with a dash of doubt. But I'm holding as hard as I can. Things can't get any worse. And I've had a lot of blessings. So I will go with that. I will say though that I have been served a super sized portion of humble pie. :) Anyway Joeleene and Jacob's Wedding was March 15. So happy for them!!!

I got to the chapel long enough to dress up the bride...

The night before I arranged a family dinner at Macayos... It was so great to see so many there!

It was a girls night out... But not too late.

Did I say how much I love Macayos?? ❤️

Next after we divided the monster bill, I took the girls to Bellagio for a walk around the Conservatory

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Leftler!!

As you can see.. I haven't figured out how to crop people out yet, LOL.

Joeleene's family- left to right- Michael, Jeneatte, bride&groom, Jimmy and Roxanne
Picture with the Moms ☺️
Leftler Family , picture of the guy is a cousin serving in the military.

Kami and Joelenne

So Happy for one of my bestfriends. Congratulations Joeleene and Jacob ❤️


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