Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ahhh.. February. Well... Not gonna lie. It sucked.
But first, we had the Sochi Olympics

I think that this was the best part of the Olympics. It was fun to watch. I want to put ride The Transiberian Railway on my bucket list.

And then Facebook made everyone a Video of favorite posts and pictures.. Here's what I got.

It sounds so petty, but this bothered me. Everyone and their brother got a video made but not me! It felt like school all over again. So I disconnected my Facebook ...

Yeah big protest. I think I lasted 3 days!! No willpower at all. Zero. But on the bright side , it pays to whine.  ;) I also had me some bronchitis 😷

But it was a good thing to reconnect, I would need it.
I can't say that I didn't see this coming, but it hurts just the same. But as I wrote advice to me, I will take it. Believe in myself and what my future can bring.. I got a great piece of advice from a church leader, basically as bad as I think things are right now.. Heavenly Father put this plan in front of me for a reason. I need to spread my wings and fly.  And remember these words.

One of my favorite bands is Fun, there song Carry On is my current anthem. I'll try to post a clip , but here are some lyrics


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