Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wraping up March.

So this post is in April, but I am writing about March. I haven't posted in a little while, whoops. Where did my time go? Oh well. Not alot happened in March...okay thats not true. LOL. Here's history-

I attempted making Cafe Rio tomatillo ranch, for relief society. For 45 people yikes. It's from our best bites-amazingly good. I'm not making for a very very long time. :)
Caught a beautiful sunset...
Been welcoming the spring season, and unfortunately allergy season. ACV really does work, along with this. Sometimes allergies suck. But no sick calls! :)
Went to my first book signing to meet Cassandra Clare. Super fun, and Madness I tell you!! :)

Improving my patient realtion skills- ok not really.
Discovered my Dad's art skills. And realized his book was named As SIIS Turns. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree seeing I named my blog As My World Turns. It was meant to be. :)
Discovered this culinary delight. Really? And why is there a pic of a family walking along this package of cheese?! Just adds to the cheesyness.  ;)
Made freezer meals for the first time that go straight from freezer to crock. Cause I love to be a lazy cook sometimes. ;)
Finally decided this needs to be hung in my kitchen. Its getting framed now. It was my one art purchase from Rome, Italy.
A reminder for us all.
And lastly....I did it!!!!

Holy. Cow. That is all.

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