Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Adventures

This week has been so blah! I didn't get to work much at all. But, I did get to visit with a friend for lunch. And, a unexpected trip to Mesquite. No reason except I wanted to go to Wally World- it's a magical place. ; )

It was while in the dressing room stall trying a dress, I hear this being sung by one of the workers...

It almost made me want to buy the Red album from Taylor Swift, almost. I could not find it, am I the only one who buys CD's anymore? Very small music section. I bought Bruno Mars instead. : )

I have to share the card I got.
Today I'm thinking of the times you've listened with compassion and gently given guidance...
The ways you've cared and encouraged, always wanting the best for me...
The ways you've offered honesty and love straight from your heart.
You've cared for me the way a mother would, and I couldn't be more grateful.
I hope you enjoy this day for all Mom's...because you're like a Mother to me.
Happy Mother's Day

I seriously couldn't have said it better myself. This is for my dear friend Linda, who has always been there for me. I hope this year to do a Motherless Daughter's brunch on Saturday, I hope this plan works out, I have always wanted to do this. Maybe go to Kneader's in St. George? I think it would be nice to do. I am not gonna lie, Mother's Day is always rough. But I've done things in the past, like give flowers or a gift to someone I think about at that time, usually to do some sort of sevice helps me. We can all remember our mom's in our own way.

Anyway, so here's the pic of my fabulous find! :)

And along the way home from Mesquite, we discovered things like Orange Whips..Fake pink snowballs, my first time to try that, eh on the snowball. And the Boulder City Biker Gang...that could be a new song I should write, ha ha ha. You had to be there. But I have to end this post with one of my favorite songs from Bruno Mars-

I hope my friends know they can count on me as much as I count on you. -xoxo


  1. Super cute dress! And I have the RED is worth it. :)

    And have you seen this?

  2. That video was so funny!! Thanks much...and I think i will invest in the RED album. Hey, I will be at BYU this week for Women's Conference, and i'll be in SLC until Monday, I leave in the morning. :)