Sunday, July 29, 2012

Road Trip!

I was invited to go on the famous bus trip put on by the Heritage Ward.  San Diego...Or Bust!

Some bus fun.....

First stop-Barstow Station. Great many things to do hang in drivethrough with Mary Ann and Josh. Mary Ann is also going on my Europe trip. We both crashed this trip.  :)

We got into the Travel Lodge around 2. The rest of the travelers got to put their stuff in their rooms and chill for a bit. My room? First the key didn't work..and when we got another key, it an occupied room!!! Then I got another room...again occupied. I was tired of hiking across the property. We finally got a room, that was in the process of being cleaned...but at least we had a room!!  :)

But the property sure was pretty.

Next stop.....BEACH!!!
Oh, how I've missed the beach!!

I met new friends....

And I met Alaura who's celebrating her first birthday...and beach outing.  Happy Birthday Alaura.

Beach Feet!

Agustine, Ali and roomies.  Sun was in my eyes.. ;)
Agustina took this one...we had fun!

Later that night...we went through the city of Coronado and we had a bonfire with a singles ward and the beach we stayed was where the Navy Seals trained...don't remember the name of the beach. Pictures to come, if I can get phone had died.  :(

I love this place.

Good lookin' Bunch. We stopped traffic....Literally!  ;)
Dreams Come True! I finally get to see the Mormon Batallion Site and Old Town!

Trying on the Gear....

500 Mormon Volunteers that marched over 2000 miles!! It really was amazing.
After, we strolled through Old Town.

And, although lunch was provided....As an adult, we get to make choices. And I chose Mexican!!!

I made it here....finally.
I ate my first Chili was sooo good.

And, the best part was I finally found shoes on accident!!  Very Happy Feet!

It was such a fun trip. It was packed and we were sooo busy. But fun! Love San Diego.

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  1. I know Josh & Mary Ann! sounds like so much fun....i'm so excited for this time in your life to be able to do all these fun things! maybe one day i can also crash your party haha