Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Some Pictures...Born on the Fourth of July.

Monday was July 2, and guess what? It was a full moon, or at least it looked like one to me. It was a weird day, I was phoned by my work and asked if I would "like" to work another floor that night. Seriously? I haven't worked Med-Surg in two years, yikes! That spells Disaster with a capital D! So I said something I very rarely say. I said NO. But nicely. I asked to be put on call..and sure enough half hour after the shift started, I got the call. I was actually happy to work because I get to work on my friend Ronnie's last night of her nursing career. Ronnie has always been one of the nurses I just loved talking with and learning about life experiences and nursing stories from her. In nursing school, one thing that I remember my instructor telling us was to adopt a  "Dinosaur". I know, the term sounds terrible...but I like to refer to a couple of my friends as the Mamas of our unit. The ones that I can always go to for nursing advice, because they are so knowlegable. They would never say that..but its true! Something funny has happened... I became the party planner for Ronnie's party. It kinda fell in my lap. I didn't mind really, but it went from Marylou, down to Carol..then to Barb, and ultimately me. I remember my mom buying birthday cakes for her coworkers on their birthday's at Spartan's..and its funny to me, in a way kind of following in Mom's footsteps. Well, I did buy her retirement gift...
Isn't this cute?

Happy Retirement, Ronnie...You Did It!!

It really is amazing that we could smile after the night we had.  In six short hours we doubled our patient census. As we in OB like to say..the bus pulled up. :)

This is the Mount Timpanogas Temple..surrounded by fires in the Mountains.
Its a beautiful and scary picture, isn't it?

I worked the fourth..and work was actually very nice. And it was nice to make extra dough.
But since I did's my collage from last year's Summerlin Parade. So fun.

This txt message from a coworker sums it up. I won't put the pic up..cause well, there's a *!?..


Yeah, that was it. Amazing wasn't it? ;) I hear Caesar's Palace has fireworks tomorrow. I'll go check it out. With some pictures..
                                                   Looky Look!!  :D  Wicked, I'm coming!!!

 My first Coach bag, ha ha. Its an old-school coin purse, the assistant told me so. Hey, it was 80 % off. Woot-Woot. And did I mention 31 more days? And F is for French.


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