Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nursing Funnies...

A little conversation from a page from my life...

I have to set this up...Its five o'clock in the morning. I'm feeling a little sick and a little punchy and Alot tired. I'm with my patient getting vital signs, as i'm reached over my patient getting a blood pressure. Its funny! At least it was to me....LOL.

Patient- "What are you wearing?"
Me-   "A jacket."  *snickers*
Patient- *laughs* "No, I mean what do you got on, I smell roses..I'm trying to give you a compliment."
Me- " Umm...I have on some peppermint, I don't smell like roses..although maybe I should."

You know how sometimes you can bond with someone? Or in my case...a patient? I love moments like these...when I can laugh over something stupid.  And to top it off I killed my microwave. How come all the tragedies happen over popping popcorn? Happy Monday!

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