Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Stuff.

As the New Years passed, next came my birthday. I always try to do someting fun and I did it this time...
I made a weekend trip to the Mile High City...Denver to visit my relatives. :)

James and Cyndi..and Joey took me to the FlatIron Shopping was lovely.

Birthday Dessert!
The little attention stealer!  :)

My  Birthday weekend started on Thursday night when my coworkers gave me an inpromptu party. It was so sweet!  Unfortunately, no baby was born on my birthday!  (Again.) After work, I took myself to breakfast and tried to stay awake. But I still needed to pack and clean up a little, so I took a afternoon flight and got into denver about 4 pm, their time.  I wished I took a picture of the denver airport...but it is a massive place.

See?  :)

I can't believe it....56 Happy Birthday messages on my Facebook! I love the birthday love, even though my friends get reminder from FB that it is my birthday..oh well.  On my day, how many hours did I stay up for? 24.  Go ME!!  Woot-Woot!

Saturday was my Trip to  "The Springs"
Love this picture, but I did not go at night..and a little snowier.

Uncle Dean and Aunt Barbara. Of course Uncle Dean had to get his camera, LOL!

We had a nice lunch...wish I could have spent more time. But a storm was a comin'!!  :)

This is such a sad picture of was of some snowflakes..pathetic. And its what I posted to facebook.

But the roads REALLY looked like this!! I'm not going to take a picture and drive, people! ;)

So what should have been a 1 and a half hour drive, turned into about a 3-4 hr drive, with a stop to compose myself. And...

A shopping trip to Tar-Jeh.  ;) I needed to compose myself.

Me and Joey...check out his gear.  The big game between Broncos and Steelers was on tomorrow.
Dad and cute!!

We went to Cyndi's mexican hangout, food was good. We stopped at Jodi's and a stop to the store with an interesting conversation took place about these two guys the car we had a discussion about Disneyland and how Travis and Jody met Bono. I immediately rolled with, well, I saw Carrot Top at Albertsons. I still think it was pretty hilarious, I mean I HAD to one up Bono!  ;) I guess you needed to be there. LOL Sunday was church and then after...was the big game between the Broncos and Steelers.

Doin' the Tebow pose....  ;)

This was at church..someone made this steeler's hat just for Joey, LOL.

We spent my last afternoon there eating at my Aunt Cordie's favorite little restaurant, just memories. <3

I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle's grave and realised they were right next to the Columbine Memorial in Littleton, CO.

Here's a tribute video I liked on youtube.

Last birthday dinner at my Macayo's...sniff. The staff sang to me too  :)
 And lastly.....DONNY!! You don't want to know how long I waited in line. But Donny was so nice. Happy Birthday Lilly!

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