Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 am Ramblings I am up again. I haven't blogged in awhile. Whats been going on? New Years came and went, went to see fireworks on the strip. I been working..and I am finally taking Christmas down in my house, because my self imposed rule is: Christmas stays up until after the birthday! What if I kept the tree up year round? Think of all conversation I would get on it..I could make a valentines tree, st patricks day, easter, 4th of July. The thought of that makes me giggle.   I have been discovering oils lately and loving it. I have been sketchy, but until I tried them, then I knew. Its an expensive addiction..but as I told a friend of mine, " So what if I don't buy every month, do I get kicked out of "The Club" ? Ha Ha. With being a new year, I want to make healthy changes, not new year's resolutions. I never keep to those anyway. I made it to the gym Monday, yay me. If I can only make myself go on a routine basis, thats the hard part for me. That, and I feel tired. Excuses, Excuses  ;). Birthday came and went...a post on that will be coming shortly. I got to see family in Denver. It was so fun to see them, I missed them and Denver. I went back to Colorado Springs in 2008 I think, but didn't get to visit Denver. Its so pretty, lots of snow...Take Me Home Country Roads as Theresa told me, Ha. I have also discovered  a new addiction,  PBS'S Downtown Abbey, reminds me of BBC Pride and Prejudice. I also found that the Church is really a small world. As a friend who is preparing to move to New York, I thought of my only friend in NYC and told her maybe she would meet her (not really),  and lo and behold a friend told her to meet her nephew's wife who happens to work as a nurse also...and knows me!  I think I need to plan a trip to New York....:)
All for now, I know this was a super exciting read..hope I didn't put you to sleep...but it kept me awake.

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