Monday, September 28, 2009

Come on Get Happy! :)

I have discovered something. I have rediscovered, I love to laugh. When my mom was ill and after she passed I didn't laugh very much at all. But in the two years since, I have discovered I like laughing. Sometimes, too much. Case in point, this last weekend. So I get invited to a potluck dinner party at a friends house. She mentioned there might be 20 or so people there. So I was excited to meet new people and have fun. When we got there there were 7 of us, my friends made up 3. There was one guy there that a friend of hers brought over. So we come in the door, and right away she tells us to sit on the couch that so and so was going to give a presentation. I hadn't ate all day, I was thinking seriously. Then it got better...he pulls out this huge box, I'm thinking its amway and its sanitary napkins. Seriously, no joke. And I really wasn't upset, but embarrased. It was his first demonstration, and my first time ever seeing something like this. Seriously, do people really buy pads in bulk, like 200 for $90? It took all of me not to laugh. But oh my heck that was funny. Then Saturday I wake up early in the morning to a mexican at my door speaking spanish, and i'm like excuse me? Then he starts dancing around like he has a lawnmower. As I said before....finding joy in the journey!

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