Thursday, October 1, 2009

General Conference 2009

A drizzly, cold day. But we loved it! I love this picture. Although a friend of mine commented we looked like the bars to a cell phone battery. I will nickname us the stair steps! ;)

We had an opportunity to attend the Spring General Conference this year. I LOVE Conference! I didn't know if it would come together, but it did. We got tickets for the Sat am session. It was a grey drizzly day. Andrea and Lilly came on the trip. We rode the plane with Patty's mom Kathy. Oh my gosh, what a bumpy flight! I was on the last the middle. Because its Southwest, you just get on, no assigned seating. So, here I am sitting in the middle of these two strangers just praying I wouldn't throw up. Believe me, there were times that I wanted to. After they left, thats when it happened. But I waited till most everyone was off the plane. And I was handed water in a can, weird concept..but I get it. LOL. We stayed downtown at Marriott. So we were in walking distance. There were some things that were said at Conference that I felt were personally for me. There were was a talk from L. Tom Perry and he talked abt stressful times, and stressing the Best is Yet to come. One of the talks I really enjoyed was Elder David Bednar's talk and President Eyering. Its been quite awile for me to remember all this. But one thing does stand out to me...the hymns that we sang through conference were ones that tugged at my heart strings. In particular, when the tabernacle choir sang"Lillies of the Field" , I hadn't heard it since my mom's funeral, and I blubbered. I tend to do that. But I was ok. We got into the Sat afternoon session by waiting in stand by. We went around temple sqaure, and one other thing I remember. There were protesters everywhere! They were not very nice. And they would yell on the sidewalk. I have a fun memory to share. We were waiting to cross the street. And we came across another belligerent protester, going on and on about we were going to you know where. Anyways, we started to sing I am a Child of God. Very loudly. And as sweet as we could. :) It really irritated that person....and we drowned him out and walked on. We spent Sunday at Patty's apartment...cooked a lasagna in the crockpot for the first time...and it was really good. Then we went home. Such a great time!

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