Thursday, May 16, 2013

Women's Conference!

Its been awhile since I blogged. But I went to my Women's Conference at my stake, and heard this amazing talk by Sister Zwick who was a former member of the Relief Society General Board. She had served three missions with her husband and children in far places of the world. But what really struck me that night was the importance of writing things down. No matter how big or small. And I realise for now, this blog is for me! I need to write these things..share these photos..and tell the story behind them, because I might forget. Regardless if you personally keep an actual journal and a scrapbook   (I applaud you, I really do.) Its just important to keep a record of somesort. So thats what it is for me- Sharing the Journey, and Finding Joy.

This year, I did get to go to Women's Confernce at BYU. Me and Alison left on Wednesday, and it was beautiful freaky snowstorms to worry over, and I made it in about six hours! :)
I took my new car...ahhh. That's all. And listening to many itunes along the way..with a must stop here. Cheese curds and ice cream in 40 ish degree weather. :)

We finally got into Helaman Halls later, it was a mystery to find at first...and naturally our room was on the the third floor. I had flashbacks of my europe trip all over again, with the stairs, lol. I needed to burn the icecream off anyway.
The theme for our conference was this  "Therefore, Continue Your Journey and Let Your Hearts Rejoice; for behold and lo, I am with you even unto the end" - D&C 100 :12
I thought what a perfect scripture for me!! But I really is a perfect scripture for all of us.
Elaine Marshall former dean of BYU College of Nursing was the opening speaker. She had shared some trying trials in her life with depression and moving forward..these are the notes I jotted down. So..I am a horrible note taker, but this is what I wrote down. Hope it helps will help me
1. Just. Keep. Going.
2.  Rejoice in the Continuing.
3. The Lord is with us now until the end.
4. Keep on Choosing Righteousness. On bad days, keep one foot in front of the other.
"Do YOU need a D/C order? " - As a nurse, LOVED this one.
There is time and hope and faith and courage- Winston Churchill
Don't give up....Don't you quit.
Grace happens anyway...the least we can do is be there.
Embrace and Own the life that is given us....

Pretty Amazing Site.
I borrowed some of these awesome pics, off the internet. Some truly talented people!!
So, after the awesome opening session..I have to admit I was disappointed. I tried to attempt to go to the next couple of classes I chose, but to my dismay..they were too full. All of them. I was distressed. I felt that some of these classes could have been repeated...I mean really there was no chance. So, since I couldn't attend the classes I wanted, I thought heck with this. I'm going shopping! I finally found a book that I've been looking for 15 yrs!!
I found this no less in the used book section. Its a big coffee table book that I first discovered at the institute. I loved it. So excited to find this!  Found the byu cinnamon bears too..and a really cute book called The List. After much dissapointment in not attending any classes, and walking back and forth across campus..we made it back to the Marriott Center for the Closing Speakers..Thurs night is the really busy night with service projects and the concert later!
A favorite tweet from #BYUWC. I'm still a newbie to tweeting, not mine..
"Thousands of Women singing our Savior's Love makes His love seem almost tangible."
Closing remarks on Thurs night Kevin and Peggy Worthen-
God loves us wherever we are and whenever we are.
Keeping laughter in our lives- how can laughter make my life better?
If we can't smile at ourselves ...sad!
Heightened. Emotional. Response. = HER
Demeaning vs Uplifting laughter.
It was a good ending . After talking with a friend, she pointed something out to me..who was still in not a happy mood. And that was, maybe those topics that I had wanted to hear were not for me to hear at that moment. And I realised by the next day that she was right. It wasn't a waste of a day..not of a lack for me not trying. It is what it is.
So afterward, we dined on campus at Costa Vida..we shared a salad. It was a knock off of Cafe Rio. Very tasty, though. to the concert-
I liked this one...and especially the lady frowning in the back. Whoopsie.
What a Cool Picture during the Justin Cash Concert! I was among the Cell Phone lites..
It was a great night full of music from Michael Mclean, Mercy River, Sandra Turley, Hillary Weeks  Justin Wright and Hudson Lights.
It was  a long night...but a fun night! Allison even stayed out even later to get autographs and pictures. As for me? I went to bed. Old age, you know.  ; )
To be Continued...
It's been awhile, I have had technical difficulties yet again... My computer is in ICU at Geeksquad headquarters (I dropped it) , so I'm trying to get used to blogging with my new toy. It's kinda fun! So Friday was so much better, classes were attended and I felt like the messages I needed to hear were definitely heard today. I will be back with more info, but as far as my blogging purposes- I'm loading my pics!

I love this place! 

Love these girls!

I will be back again soon...,

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