Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh, What A Night.

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So for Joelenne's 30th...WE WENT TO JERSEY BOYS!!! AAGH. I've only wanted to see this show for 8 yrs or however long its been here. I'm celebrating my birthday too you know, just 3 months late. LOL Mon Ami Gabi..or my friend gabi in Francais, was great except the steak was really, really, over done..I won't order that again.I can say that we did try the escargot. I think that will be a one timer for sure. But I loved the location!!! We sat facing the Bellagio, probably my favorite hotel on the strip. The Paris is lovely though. As I walked through the casino, I was reminded of the streets of Paris, no joke. As for Jersey Boys? We loved it! But, considering who the show was based on, let me just say my ears almost fell off due to some of the language. I tried not to think of that though. The music was great. I grew up listening to oldies from my Dad, so I was familiar with the music.  It was great. Here's a clip..
Scary to think about six hours later that night, there was a horrible car accident/shooting right where we walked and anyways the Strip was shut down for two days. It made national news. You just never know.


  1. You're such a party animal.;) i looove that you always have pictures of your adventures.

  2. Thank if I can only edit the ginormous pictures. Came straight from my iphone. There's a blogger app. Its great. I don't do photo albums anymore. After so many posts, I make a blogbook. Love it! And isn't life a party? ;)