Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, today was a little hard. Grandma has officially moved. And i'm officially on my own. Ok, I have been on my own, but now it just feels official I guess. I have some pictures, time to share.
A couple of weeks ago, we went to Maggiano's for an early
birthday celebration, she's turning 89 on May 9th!
Oh my. Yumm Yumm Yumm!!

Birthday cookies, but boy we had PLENTY of desert,
Bird just chilling on my driveway.
I was going to delete, but its funny. We're both mugging for the camera, Lol.

Cinco de Mayo festivities celebrated here. What a busy weekend!

Cinco de Mayo weekend my friend and I went to Lindo Michocan for the first time. It was really good Mexican food, although I will always be loyal to Macayo's. They had live Mariachi's that were literally in back of us, kind of hard to hear..."WHAT DID YOU SAY?" We ate freshly made guacamole and munched. I went to my phone to tag my friends where we were, meaning the restaurant. And what option pops up....Hookers for Jesus. Yes, its true!! Theresa wanted to tell our waiter, I said..lets not. Guess what his name was? Jesus!! We were laughing so hard. I guess you needed to be there. This was the weekend I was going back and forth to grandma's as she packed up things and then I had two other jobs I was doing too...and I can proudly say I am probably the only person in America that actually walked out of the Avengers opening weekend. I think I should have watched, Thor, Captain America...Iron Man. Yeah, what was I thinking? And..I had to check on the lady I was taking care of. So I had an excuse. Here's some video from the restaurant..

The last few weeks, I've been helping grandma with some little things with packing a little for her house. The time flew by! The friday before she went, I had a dinner party at my house. It was fun having everyone over. I had help in the cooking department from a friend's husband that owns a catering company. Much appreciated since, I did wake up a couple of hours before. :) I have a few more pictures, that will get uploaded soon, i'm having some issues right now. But let me end with this. As I left the airport, I did shed a few tears, but I know grandma is a phone call away and will be living with her son's family. And its all good. I will finally get to visit Texas..and Southfork. Me and mom were big Dallas fans. ;) As I was riding back to the hotel where my car was parked I heard this song on the radio, and I realised things will be ok. It makes me happy.


  1. Hey, my mom lives in Texas! Now I know where we should go on our roadtrip. :)

  2. Where in Texas?!! Lets go to Dallas..you can show me around! :) And....ps Time Out For Women will be here in September! Just saying...