Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinnertime Table Tales

I wish my table looked as fancy as this setting? Nahh! So it was Grandma and I at the dinner table eating Easter Dinner. My Grandma is such the comedian. I thought I would record this, cause this made me laugh so much! And I love to laugh...so here goes the table tale.  Grandma and her friend Henrietta went to the Bunkers Mortuary to go price the mausoleum space for Henrietta. So Grandma tells me about how she had hers paid off a long time ago, she made her arrangements after my Grandpa died almost 30 yrs ago. So, grandma goes and sits down and talks to the representative for Bunker. And she asks her, "So. If mine's all paid for, can I just change my mind and be cremated instead and get back my $10,000?  " The lady was speechless. And my grandma was serious. Henrietta started to cry..and I started to laugh at the end of the story. Well, Grandma said times were tough!  ;)

Another time at the dinnertable, Grandma was with Theo and Andrea. Now, mind you this is the first time we're all sitting down together for dinner. And , all of a sudden my grandma starts this funny story about how my grandfather told my grandma to go to the hardware store to get the ball that goes inside the toilet, you know, the thing that measures the water? Anyway she goes into the hardware store and asks the guy "Where are your brass balls?" .  We about choked on dinner that night. 

The other part of our conversation Easter evening was the indispensable Emergency Toilet. I told my grandma about this one. I was laughing so much at the thought I was in tears. I was sitting and listening and a member of the Relief Society Presidency passes around a sign up. She said be sure to sign up for the emergency toilet kits. And I said to Sister Erickson "When did they do this?" and she said "Oh they showed the commode at the Ward Dinner."  The Ward Dinner?? Then, Sister Erickson says dryly "I wonder how many I should order."  And I replied well, your kids birthdays are coming up...and don't forget about Christmas!  ^_^    Dinnertime tales are always the best!

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