Saturday, January 18, 2014

December Stuff!

Happy 2014! So January so far has been pretty busy for me! Working 60 hr work weeks.. Going on little mini trips.. And having weekend colds. Fun stuff ! Blogging nowadays is a lost art I think. I have the best of intentions, but I don't always get to do it as often as I could or should. But tonight after suffering the worst migraine all day I finally feel good. But it's 330 am and I can't sleep . So here I am. But I have a goal this year- and that is to print my second volume of As My World Turns! I'm excited for that. So I will keep on blogging! No matter if other friends read this or not that's okay. It's My history. 

So I have to wrap up December first. I was very neglectful. I didn't send out any cards this year. I should feel bad. I kinda do. But I'm sorry. I hope to be better next year. It was just enough for me this year to get my Christmas decorations up

It did help me to get through the holidays, it was depressing because I was scheduled nearly all the holidays to work, with the exception of NYE and New Year's Day. Gotta play, you gotta pay ;)
So the decorations went up early November. I know it's sick. But if I didn't do it, I never would.

I got to visit with my friend Stephanie who was in town during Oct and Nov. We went to the Christmas Cactus Garden at Ethel M. I am not a fan of the desert landscape thing, but that was truly beautiful.

I also traveled to Logandale and got to visit with Mckenzie who did a fabulous job on my hair.. Which I changed up a bit, there's a little red in it! But I don't think I could ever see myself my moms red, that's a little much-it's copper :) and I also stopped in mesquite for.last minute presents- since my Christmas Crack I made off of Pinterest was a total Pinfail. Hard as a rock!! So I picked up Danielle's White Chocolate popcorn instead.. And it was Tamale Day, happy girl!

Mid December I got to have a little cousin time. I introduced them to Firefly. It was a fun day...

I wish I was taller ;)

We did do our annual Christmas Cookie Exchange :) 9 plates made... I should have delivered them ASAP-but my cold got in my way
Ready to go! I wish Santa gave me a Kitchenaid. Someday.. 

So I worked Christmas Eve... And Christmas Day. It was actually nice. We had a potluck in L&D... It was really good. But I did celebrate with Panda Express on Christmas night- that was weird.

We left an early New Years greeting for our coworkers- love the nightshift ;)

Since I worked the holidays, I wanted to go do something Christmasy.. Hmm I'm guessing that's not a word. Oh well, anyways we lived it up. We went to Lawry's for dinner- I haven't been there since Grandma was here and the best part there were Christmas Carollers it was so fun. We followed it. Y going to Bellagio to see Christmas in the conservatory... And lastly we saw Saving Mr banks in one of those luxury cinemas- I am spoiled on that now!

I have never seen this from the front! So much better! My favorite.
 That's it for this post for now until I unload my pics from my phone to Facebook .

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