Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ohio...and the adventures Going to...and Going Away, And the short visit in between.

Remember the movie The Terminal?

Yeah, I totally was Tom Hanks this weekend. But hey..I flew standby. It's an Adventure! :)
 Started at work, Labor and Delivery blew up, meaning we were getting new admissions right up until 630 am.
See? Coming so fast...I didn't know which doctor was who!

So much for me trying to leave early. So..that meant getting to the airport by 800. By then, I had already missed my chance for three flights that were flying to Columbus. I mean really, what the heck was going on in Ohio? Everyone wanted to fly there, LOL! So, with much caffeine in my system, I patiently waited in the airport. You really can live at the airport..Mine even has a gym. Go figure..and Cinnabon..for balance. ;) The heavens opened up back east and there was a storm which delayed a flight to Chicago that  I was trying to board. Pushed back another hour. But the good news was, alot of people were diverted to other flights, which opened up a bunch of seats..which meant, I was going to Chicago...then hopefully Columbus tonight.

I finally got to sleep a couple of hours on the plane, then we arrived in Chicago at 7. As I scurried through the airport, trying to make my way to my dismay the flight person told me because so many people were able to board the Chicago plane, there were a few who were trying to fly there, it was crazy! He told me I had two options. Option 1, Try to fly to Nashville..then try to board a flight to Columbus that I probably wouldn't board..stay in airport overnight, and start over tomorrow. And Option 2...stay in  Chicago overnight..and start tomorrow.
The Before. I was leisurely taking a pic with Instagram. And my quote was this ."Find Joy in Your Journey. Even  if your standing by." Couldn't have said it better myself. ;)

I start to panic... Will I make it in time for the blessing? I haven't ate dinner...I have to stay by myself at the Midway Airport Overnight?!?!
Oh yes. But then I remembered a new favorite saying thats been making the rounds all over the internet.

So, I guess you can say I did spend the night in way of Midway Airport.
Yes, I did get a room. I needed showers, food and sleep. Heck Yes!

I would love to visit Chicago for real though. I didn't get to try Chicago Pizza. I was fooled in the airport. Disgusted, really. :(

After showering, eating...I was pleasantly surprised to find this on tv
Oh Happy Day! Reminds of Friday nights watching with my Mom. :)
Long Live JR! And his eyebrows.  ;)

Saturday was a new day.

 And I made the first flight!

 I would have kissed the ground...but you know, its the airport! :P

And...I finally get to hold Baby Jade. Auntie Cindy is here!! :)

 To Be Continued...


  1. Wow, what an adventure! You never know what's gonna happen when you fly stand-by. :)

  2. Indeed. My nailbeds show it. ;)